Published on:

23rd Jun, 2024

Episode 7

Published on:

22nd Dec, 2023

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About the Podcast

Pastors & Pastries
Faith, Religion and Food.. What could go wrong?
This podcast is non scripted and conversational. The heart behind the podcast is to bring all sorts of pastors from different backgrounds, training, experience and theology to talk about the life and work of a Pastor in today's society. The main goal is to showcase how a pastor is just a person, who is flawed like everyone else, trying to share the Gospel and build a community of saved souls. We want to interview all denominations within Christianity and grow to include other religions and viewpoints. Again, showing we are all on a journey to find truth, love, grace and joy!

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Adam Tucker

Adam is a Pastor, High School Football Coach, has a full time job and runs a company with his wife Hailey. Oh, yeah! And now he is hosting a podcast! Jesus, sports and donuts are his passions outside of loving his wife and dog. He can't wait to share this podcast with you.